The 9 special principles of VERTICAL in the spotlight.


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Synonymous with sustainability

VERTICAL is synonymous with sustainability. We have done what we promised. The building uses solar and wind energy, and also stores heat and cold in the ground. Rain water and hot water are (re)used effectively. Green façades and roof gardens reduce heat build-up inside the building. You will live in one of the most sustainable residential buildings in the Netherlands.

VERTICAL & Sustainable livining
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Top design from the Netherlands

Five Dutch architect bureaus, namely NL Architects, Chris Collaris Architects, studio Donna van Milligen Bielke, Space Encounters and DS Landschapsarchitecten, have worked together to create a special design. The result? A new residential climate for Amsterdam in Sloterdijk.

The 5 VERTICAL architects

New prospects in Sloterdijk

Amsterdam Sloterdijk is still relatively unexplored territory and has a raw, metropolitan atmosphere. It is a place where many construction projects are encountered. It is a true urban playground where BRET, Tuin van BRET, Ven Amsterdam, Train Lodge and, of course, VERTICAL will serve as pioneers for the future of Sloterdijk-Centrum. Its proximity to the ring road makes it the perfect location, which can also be accessed by train, bus, tram and metro via Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. The area around Amsterdam Sloterdijk station is quickly transforming from an office location to a mixed residential/work area featuring around 4500 new homes. Recreation facilities are also improving rapidly in Sloterdijk. The various new developments around VERTICAL now also feature numerous commercial facilities, including hospitality establishments and retail outlets. Here is an insight into the ‘places to be’:

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Share facilities and mobility

VERTICAL is a place where you will feel at home. Besides your own home, you will also be able to use several core facilities like a bar/restaurant, gym and work area. We understand that living in the city means having access to all kinds of comfort ‘on demand’. That is why VERTICAL offers facilities which are shared with fellow residents, local businesses and other users.

VERTICAL's shared economy

Living and working hand-in-hand

Offices are not the only place where you can work; you should also be able to work comfortably from home. Several VERTICAL homes are ideal for working from home. For instance, many apartments have a separate study and it is possible to create flex-places on the sixth storey of VERTICAL East. In addition, we have collaborated with creative entrepreneurs when designing the building’s commercial possibilities. Perhaps something for you?

Setting a new benchmark

VERTICAL features 144 homes, shared facilities, a roof garden and four types of homes, and truly adds a new kind of living habitat to Amsterdam´s housing market. VERTICAL is the start of something special in Sloterdijk-Centrum. And you can be part of it. Choose from unique apartments, contemporary maisonettes, spacious garden lofts and/or exclusive Hangar homes.

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Nice to stay in, easy to go out

Sloterdijk-Centrum is a genuine hub location. This means it is nice to stay in, easy to go out. VERTICAL can serve as a comfortable home-base which is located within walking distance of the Amsterdam-Sloterdijk train, bus and metro station. You can reach Schiphol Airport or the centre of Amsterdam in fifteen minutes. Or you can cycle to Westerpark in ten minutes or jump in the car for thirty minutes to enjoy a day at the seaside . Sloterdijk is very easy to access. Living in VERTICAL means having access to the whole world.

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Living in a garden in the sky

Sloterdijk-Centrum is located in the heart of the Bretten landscape, which is a green zone that stretches to the city centre. The Bretten represents a valuable and robust connection between the natural landscape and the city. VERTICAL is part of this natural zone and thus helps to connect the Bretten with the Westerpark. The two tower blocks in the plan serve as a welcome home for plants and nature. The green residential landscape creates a pleasant habitat, where fine particles and CO2 are extracted, water is collected, noise is absorbed and heat-related stress is reduced. Nature within a residential habitat helps to improve quality of life.

Sustainability and the diversity

Value for money

Buying a home in Amsterdam is not cheap. And if you buy a home, you really want to know what you’re getting for your money. VERTICAL will offer you more than just square metres. VERTICAL also offers very favourable leaseholds compared to other parts of Amsterdam, which means it is particularly appealing to buy ground over the course of a century. What do you get for your money and what are the benefits of getting involved immediately? We will be pleased to explain!

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