Maisonnette XL #113 in the spotlight

What do you get for your money and what are the benefits of getting involved immediately? We have used an example to show that a VERTICAL apartment is also within your means.


Buying a home in Amsterdam is not cheap. And if you buy a home, you really want to know what you're getting for your money. VERTICAL will offer you more than just square metres. What do you get for your money and what are the benefits of getting involved immediately? We have used an example to show that a VERTICAL apartment is also within your means. Imagine you are buying maisonnette #113:

1. What am I buying?

Maisonnette #113 is a comfortable XL apartment in VERTICAL East with living space of ca. 106 m2 diveded over 2 floors and a balcony of ca. 5 m2.  With a living area of approx. 50 m2 on the 6th floor you’ll have more than enough space in your kitchen and living room. The maisonnette has three bedrooms and two bathroom on the upper floor. It is also available in loft format. It has sun access from the east, which is a guarantee for an amazing view across towards Amsterdam city center. This spacious home, which is located in a sustainable residential building, has been designed by NL Architects.

2. How much do I pay for this home?

This 106 m2 XL apartment costs €679,000 deed-in-hand, which includes a one-hundred year lease. It thus includes a prepaid ground lease payment of €36,891

You also have the option to buy based on an annual indexed lease payment. In this case, the home will cost €643,984 and you must make an annual indexed lease payment of € 882 (index 2.39%). The extra amount you must pay the municipality will be determined by the ground value and the date when the deed of delivery is signed. The lease ground value is fixed until 31 December 2020.

3. What (else) do I get for my money?

  • An extremely sustainable and energy-efficient home
  • A spacious patio as well as a landscaped Vertical garden
  • A luxury bathroom and toilet
  • Under-floor heating as main heating system
  • Attractive interior doors
  • Heijmans ‘Intelligent living’ home management
  • Shared living options on the fifth storey including e.g. a communal living area, lodging facilities, a gym and a roof patio. So if you have something to celebrate, this is the ideal location.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or even another place to work: all these facilities are part of the shared services offered on the ground floor
  • Use of electric mobility facilities
  • Including notary and broker costs
  • Including one-off connection costs for water, electricity and drainage
  • Including costs for the SWK Guarantee and deposit scheme

4. Can I actually afford the apartment?

Imagine you purchased a home six years ago for €220,000, and its value has now increased to €335,000. The difference (capital gain) must be invested in the new home, which means a mortgage of approx. €560,000 is needed. If your mortgage was agreed before 2013, then half of your new mortgage will be interest only. To pay this new mortgage, you will need an income/joint income of ca. €115,000 per year.

If you buy an apartment in VERTICAL for €675,000, this will cost you a gross sum of around €1,900 per month. At the current rate of interest, your net mortgage payment will amount to approximately €1,480 per month! If you were to rent a 110m2 apartment in Amsterdam, you would definitely have to pay between €2,200 and €2,750 per month, without actually improving your capital or paying off a mortgage.


Price level November 2018

Costs homeowner association

VERTICAL is a high-quality building and features various functionalities for making your life as pleasant as possible. All VERTICAL residents pay monthly service costs for these functionalities. How much you pay is determined by the size of your apartment. This includes costs for maintaining greenery, structural maintenance (lifts, façade, communal entrances, etc.).

Monthly costs homeowner association will be approx. €2.50 per m2 (indication). This means you will pay around €265.00 per month.

The homeowner association will define the hight of the montly costs in a later stage.

Also take into account extra costs for:

  • Designing the kitchen
  • Designing/finishing the apartment
  • Financing costs, interest charged under the purchase/contracting agreement, standing charges and energy consumption
  • Notary costs for the mortgage

5. What are the benefits if I get involved immediately?

  • During this phase of development, a lot of choices can still be made concerning layout, finish, design of the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc. This will become more difficult as the plans progress.
  • Considering the low interest rates, a VERTICAL home is now quite affordable if you have a good income and reasonable capital gains on your current home.
  • VERTICAL is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022. You must finance your home using a mortgage and an accompanying deposit which is used to pay progress-based instalments. This means you will have until the moment of handover to save for the interior design of your apartment.