Design of self-build plot next to VERTICAL unveiled

Engel Architecten has been commissioned by the self-build group Lab4you to design a residential building for the N plot on the corner of Radarweg and Arlandaweg.



The appearance of the building is the result of individual choices made by the various members of the self-build group. The buildings are to be built on the same plot as VERTICAL and are considered as immediate neighbours. Two blocks on the N plot are for VERTICAL and two blocks are available for construction groups within a joint commissioning project.

Engel Architecten has produced a design for block 4. The building consists of around 22 apartments above a commercial plinth, two live/work units and five town houses. In order to enhance the sense of liveliness, it has been decided not only to involve the members of the construction group in designing the layout of the building and the individual homes, but also to enable them to have their say on the appearance of the building.

Design: Engel Architecten | Image: 3D Studio Prins

For the apartments, the members can not only choose the layout, but also decide on the size of the balcony. These can vary in depth, but also in width and height. The result gives the impression of varying sizes of boxes stacked one on top of the other, depending on the members’ individual choices.

Nr 1 and 3: VERTICAL. Nr. 2 and 4 the self-build plot.

The same strategy has been adopted for the town houses. Each member has the option, within a certain framework, of making individual choices on the positioning and number of wall openings and the materials to be used. This will create a varied appearance that will counterbalance the uniform appearance of many of the office buildings in the surrounding area.

The provisional design has now been approved by the supervisor. The permit application is expected to be submitted during the first quarter of 2018, and building is scheduled to start during the first half of 2019.