Eigen Haard is building 130 public-sector rented homes

The Municipality of Amsterdam and Eigen Haard Housing Association have concluded an agreement to build 130 public-sector rented homes in Sloterdijk, opposite Radarweg.


The building, with the working title of Block 9B, will be an elegant high-rise apartment building on a larger plinth with amenities along Arlandaweg. It will be located on the O plot between Radarweg, Arlandaweg and the 'Hemboog' railway line that runs to and from Sloterdijk Station.
Block 9B is the residential tower on the right side.

Attractive residential tower with 130 apartments

The tower is directly opposite the offices of Eigen Haard Housing Association and will accommodate 130 social-sector rented homes for a diverse target group. The first occupants are expected to move into the apartments in 2021.