SPOT ON: Shared Living

VERTICAL is more than just housing. The shared living area on the fifth floor, shared facilities in the plinth and facilities for shared mobility make VERTICAL a place to gather and interact. Dare to share!


On the sixth floor of the high tower where the sub and superstructures converge, a community programme has been developed that is owned by the VVE association of homeowners. This ‘shared living’ space offers facilities to all residents of VERTICAL. It includes a living room with kitchen, yoga/workout room and guestrooms and is surrounded by an attractive rooftop landscape with shared roof patio. Got something to celebrate? Cooking for a large group? Want to organise a meeting? Got friends visiting from abroad? The shared living area has everything you need.


Impression private dining room with open kitchen

Shared living area on the sixth floor of the high tower:

  • Two spacious guestrooms with en suite bathroom
  • Gym/workout area with en suite bathroom
  • Large private dining room with open kitchen and adjacent toilet
  • Spacious roof patio

Shared Facilities

The ground floor of the high tower (on Radarweg) will house functionalities for the neighbourhood, business professionals and residents. During the development phase of VERTICAL, we will be determining all the details together with creative entrepreneurs. The facilities will include a number of basics like a bar/restaurant and event space. This promises to be a place where people can gather and interact and ideas can flourish.

Shared mobility

In Amsterdam, space is scarce and costly. This means that you need to be flexible about the type of transport you use. We understand that you may not be willing or able to own all types of transport options. That is why VERTICAL has partnered up with an operator to make electric facilities available that include bicycles, scooters and cars, which can be charged in part with self-generated power.