Living in a vertical garden

Five unique features of an exceptional building

Easy to go out. Discover the world

VERTICAL is a comfortable home base; as we say, ‘nice to stay in, easy to go out’. Discover an atmosphere in the neighbourhood so unlike anywhere else in Amsterdam, and travel via Sloterdijk Station or Schiphol Airport to visit your international friends and business partners.


Onderaanzicht van Amsterdam Vertical

From apartments to garden lofts, choose your size

One size fits all. But not in VERTICAL. Here you can choose from four different types of homes, in six different sizes. From Apartment to Garden home. From S to XXXL. This is new urban living in Amsterdam. All you have to do is choose.


Straataanzicht Amsterdam Vertical

Enjoy a garden in the sky

A garden in the city? In VERTICAL you even have a garden in the sky. The landscape flows through all the levels, with flora to attract fauna. But there is more…


Shared facilities Amsterdam Vertical

Shared facilities

VERTICAL is about more than just living. That’s why we offer facilities to make your life easier and more interesting and relax after a busy day at work. There are places where you can meet friends or new people, like the two shared guestrooms or family dining room in the Shared Living area.


Tekening Amsterdam Vertical

Five architects, one design

The five Dutch firms of architects NL Architects, Chris Collaris Architects, studio Donna van Milligen Bielke, Space Encounters and DS Landschapsarchitecten collaborated to create a unique design. The result? A new living climate in Amsterdam, in the monoculture of Sloterdijk.



Start sale

Start first construction activities
End of 2019

Expected completion
Second half – 2022


The Panorama

Check out the magnificent view* from VERTICAL’s location. These photos are taken at 30 and 70 meters height and give a clearer image of what might be the view from your future home. From VERTICAL you can see the total ‘Brettenzone’, the city center or the vibrant harbour. What will be your view?

*The images show a situation in the past. When the construction of VERTICAL is finished, the view will derogate from these pictures, due to future developments in Sloterdijk Stad.


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