Sustainable living for the next generation

VERTICAL is default sustainable. We do what we say. The building uses the sun, the wind and geothermal heat. Rainwater and hot water are optimally used and recycled. Green facades and gardens provide space for fauna and for yourself. You just need to be smart in the way you use the building.

Low energy needs

With the right orientation of the two towers, a well-insulated skin, solar panels, windenergy and the facility to generate passive energy we reduce the demand for energy. VERTICAL has its own thermal energy storage (TES) system and works with an innovative system concept.

Shared mobility

Space in the city centre is scarce and expensive. At the same time, cars are stationary and unused for 95% of the time. That’s why VERTICAL creates facilities for some shared electric cars in the garage and services on behalf of electric bikes.

Extending the landscape

VERTICAL is located between the Brettenzone (l) and Westerpark (r) and forms an important link between these two areas. By continuing the diversity of the Bretten landscape in the green facades of the building, we increase the intricate diversity of nesting opportunities and food sources for birds and insects.

Using and recycling water

Wasting water is a lost opportunity. Hot water used in the home for baths, showers and the washing machine is recycled as a source of heat. A green roof and plantation will be been laid, underneath which there will be extra buffer capacity for rainwater. Rainwater is also carried down more slowly to the ground through the green facades.