Dare to share

VERTICAL is a place to come home to. There are several essential facilities next to your home, such as a bar/restaurant, a gym and space to work. We understand that you want access to more conveniences in the city “on demand”. That’s why VERTICAL offers facilities that are shared with other residents, local businesses or visitors.

Shared facilities

The ground floor of the building houses facilities that will adapt with the ongoing development of Sloterdijk as a residential area. We want VERTICAL to be an inspiring and pleasant place to live. Within the 800 m2 available, there is room for restaurants and cafés, small businesses and flex-working spaces. The dynamic that arises here will create a warm welcome every day.

Shared Living

Where the lower and upper floors meet in the taller tower, a common programme of facilities for residents can be found. A shared lounge for residents is combined with space for meetings, an area for fitness and yoga, and cooking or dining in a private setting. Friends and family can stay the night in two comfortable “hotel rooms”, and there’s space to celebrate special occasions with family and friends